About us

The interdisciplinary, DFG-funded research project Russian Ecospheres unites 15 scholars and presents a platform for developing new research approaches in the emerging field of ecocriticism.

What are the goals of Russian Ecospheres?

  • Getting more interdisciplinary: Linking approaches in historiography with literary and cultural studies
  • Leaving the disaster road: Globalizing Russian ecological history and opening new research fields and questions
  • Approaching environmental form: Understanding the significance of form for modes of perception and discursive framing
  • Looking for the longue durée: Finding trajectories of ecological thinking from the 18th-century to the present

What are we doing within the network?

  • Organisation of conferences and workshops
  • Preparation of a handbook on Russian ecological thought
  • Publication and translation of basic Russian texts on ecology
  • Development of research infrastructure for further research in ecocriticism


Here, we collect the several activities within the network, that take place over the next three years. You are interested in the activities…

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Network Kick-Off

We are pleased to announce the official start of our DFG-funded scientific network “Russian Ecospheres. Forms of Ecological Knowledge in Russian Literature, Culture…

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