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The interdisciplinary, DFG-funded research project Russian Ecospheres unites 15 scholars and offers a platform for new research approaches in the emerging field of ecocriticism.

What are the goals of Russian Ecospheres?

  • Becoming more interdisciplinary: Linking approaches in historiography with literary and cultural studies
  • Leaving the disaster road: Globalizing Russian ecological history and opening new research fields and questions
  • Approaching environmental form: Understanding the significance of form for modes of perception and discursive framing
  • Looking for the longue durée: Finding trajectories of ecological thinking from the 18th-century to the present

What are we doing within the network?

  • Organisation of conferences and workshops
  • Preparation of a handbook on Russian ecological thought
  • Publication and translation of basic Russian texts on ecology
  • Development of research infrastructure for further research in ecocriticism


Working group: Anthology

Members of the Russian Ecospheres network currently prepare an “Anthology of Russian Ecological Thought”. They attempt comprising translations of critical primary and secondary…

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Workshop: Crossing Boundaries

Together with his colleague Helena Holzberger (LMU Munich), Russian Ecospheres member Timm Schönfelder is organizing a workshop titled “Crossing Boundaries. Human-Animal Relations from…

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