Reading Group: Cybernetic Ecology

Reading Group: Cybernetic Ecology

Within the network a reading group on cybernetic ecology has been formed which will start its activities in spring 2023.

Preliminary topics:

The reading group will discuss post-war theories of cybernetic ecology (e.g. by Howard and Eugene Odum, Gregory Bateson, Ramon Margalef) and its Soviet reception, theories of cybernetic modelling of ecosystems such as forests or waters, the ecologization of life sciences, modelling of ecological crisis (Soviet Earth-Systems-Science, Climate Change, etc.) and artistic responses to cybernetic ecology.

The reading list of the group will be made available online.

Possibility of joint discussion:

Interested participants are invited to join us and can register with Russian Ecospheres’ coordinator Clemens Günther via

The dates of the sessions will be posted online, the first session will be held on February 27th, 7pm (Berlin local time).

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