These are the network’s activities in 2023:

Working group: Anthology

Members of the Russian Ecospheres network currently prepare an “Anthology of Russian Ecological Thought”. They attempt comprising translations of critical primary and secondary texts on ecology in the context of the Russian and Soviet empire. These texts are meant to become a valuable tool for familiarizing students and scholars with lines of ecological thought in…

Workshop: Crossing Boundaries

Together with his colleague Helena Holzberger (LMU Munich), Russian Ecospheres member Timm Schönfelder is organizing a workshop titled “Crossing Boundaries. Human-Animal Relations from Post-Petrine Russia to the Soviet State (1725–1991)”. The workshop will take place on sight in Leipzig from 29th till 30th of June 2023. Motivation of analyzing human-animal relations “The study of human-animal…

Reading Group: Cybernetic Ecology

Within the network a reading group on cybernetic ecology has been formed which will start its activities in spring 2023. Preliminary topics: The reading group will discuss post-war theories of cybernetic ecology (e.g. by Howard and Eugene Odum, Gregory Bateson, Ramon Margalef) and its Soviet reception, theories of cybernetic modelling of ecosystems such as forests…

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