First Network-Conference

From 24th to the 26th June 2022, the first in-person meeting of our Russian Ecospheres network took place in Berlin. After online contacts and some preparatory group work earlier this year, the focus was on familiarizing ourselves with our fellow scholars and their work and on discussing relevant paradigms formative for our research. Interactive formats…

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“Slavistik-Tag” Bochum

At the “Slavistik-Tag” Bochum, a congress of German Slavicists at the 22nd October 2022, our network organized two panels under the title “Spheres of Ecological Knowledge in Russian Culture and History”. While the first one was dedicated to a discussion of our research agenda with external panelists, the second panel included presentations of our own…

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The outcomes of our network.

Here we share important findings from current literature about Russian Ecospheres, be it from the members of our network, results of the interdisplinary research within the network or general current research.

These encompass studies on the Russian Arctic deserts, post-humanism, geopoetics, soil or (ecological) semiotics.

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