Susanne Frank

Susanne Frank


Head of Faculty Department of East Slavic Literure and Culture, Institute of Slavic Studies, Humboldt-University Berlin


After studying and completing a PhD in Slavistic Studies and History in Vienna, Konstanz and Moscow, Susanne Frank conducted research in Konstanz, Erfurt, Regensburg and at the HU Berlin. Since 2010, she has been teaching and researching at the HU Berlin in her department of East Slavic Literature and Culture. She engages in interdiciplinary work on literature in a global perspective and founded the “Berlin-Brandenburg Ukraine Initiative”.

Research Focus:

  • Literature as an instrument of nation building, empire building and transnationalization in the context of other cultural discourses
  • Literary strategies of documentation in the field of tension between fiction and anti-fiction
  • Literature and history/historical narration in the field of tension between narration and anti-narrativity (special topic: literary depiction of war)
  • ​Text and image: literary strategies of illustration/representation (traditions of affective rhetoric, ekphrasis, poetics of the sublime)

Motivation as a part of the network:

Publications linked to the network:

  • “Arctic Archives: Ice, Memory and Entropy. ” Bielefeld: Transcript, 2019 [edited together with Kjetil Jakobsen].
  • “Transformationsästhetiken der Moderne: Symbolismus – Sozrealismus. Am Beispiel der Symbolik von „Weiß“, „Schnee“ und „Eis“.“ Wiener Slawistischer Almanach 73 (2014): 371-400.

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