Erik Martin

Erik Martin


Academic Associate at the Faculty of Humanities (Cultural Studies), Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder)


After studying East Slavic Philology, philsophy and maths in Austin, Tübingen, Konstanz and Frankfurt, Erik Martin started his position as an academic associate at the Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) and became involved in such scientific networks as the research consortium “European Times – A Transregional Approach to the Societies of Central and Eastern Europe” and the German Slavic Association. He completed his habilitation process 2019 for teaching Slavic general and comparative literature studies.

Research Focus:

  • Interactions of literature, philosophy and aesthetics
  • Literature and cultural theory (cultural economics, finitude, ecocriticism)
  • Literary theory (formalism, structuralism)
  • Literature of the 19th and 20th centuries
  • Poetics and aesthetics of the 18th century

Motivation as a part of the network:

Publications linked to the network:

  • “Срубленный лес, или О резервах русского реализма: Тургенев, Толстой.“ In: Russkiĭ realizm XIX Veka. Obshchestvo, Znanie, Povestvovanie,” edited by Il’i͡ a Kliger, Kirill Ospovat, Margarita Vajsman, and Aleksej Vdovin, 344-377. Moskva: NLO, 2020. [together with Konstantin Kaminskij)
  • “Von letzten und einfachen Dingen: Mickiewiczs Pan Tadeusz.“ In: Ding und Bild in der europäischen Romantik, edited by Jakob C. Heller, Erik Martin, and Sebastian Schönbeck, 173–185. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2020.

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