Colleen McQuillen

Colleen McQuillen


Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Southern California


Professor McQuillen is a scholar of Russian modernism with a major in slavic languages and Literatures, who researches the ways that literature extends into, influences, and refracts visual and material culture. Her primary field of research is the period known as the Silver Age. She is scholarly engaged with the issue of humanity’s relationship, Polish modernism, art activism, and theories of creative collaboration. Her current book project uses ecocritical theory to examine late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Russian attitudes toward natural and built environments as manifested in literature, painting, and set design.

Research Focus:

  • Modernism & Silver Age
  • Symbolism
  • Neo-Realism
  • Avant-garde
  • Ecocriticism
  • Environmental studies
  • Posthumanism
  • Art activism & creative collaboration
  • Social network mapping and data visualization
  • Digital humanities

Motivation as a part of the network:

Publications linked to the network:

  • “The Human Reimagined: Posthumanism in Russia.” Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2018 [edited together with Julia Vaingurt]
  • “The Scorched and Depleted Earth: Terrestrial Decadence in Fin-de-siècle Russia.” Russian Literature, Vol. 114–115 (June–July 2020): 23-43

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