Tatjana Petzer

Tatjana Petzer


Visiting Professor for Slavic Cultural Studies, Marthin-Luther-University, Halle-Wittenberg


Tatjana Petzer studied Slavic, English/American, Russian Studies and Serbo-Croatian Studies in Berlin, Belgrade, Halle and Ljubljana. After she worked in lead projects in competence development with new media as well as an academic associate for the Center of Literary and Cultural Research (ZfL) in Berlin, before gaining her doctorate in 2006 at MLU. Subsequently, she worked as a fellow at the Cultur Studies department at the University of Konstanz, as a senior assistant for Slavic literature at the University of Zurich and project coordinator for the project “Knowledge History of Synergy” before starting her career at MLU.

Research Focus:

  • Focus in the area of ​​Slavic literatures, arts and (knowledge) cultures
  • Cultural history and geoaesthetics of Southeast Europe
  • Mobility and nomadicity (in) literature and art
  • Synergy concepts of Slavia Orthodoxa
  • Transformation and future aesthetics of modernity, immortality, cryoarchives, vestimentary orders and translation

Motivation as a part of the network:

Publications linked to the network:

  • Kälteforschung und eisige Archive in Osteuropa,“ Die Welt der Slaven 64, no.2 (2019): 209–233
  • Wissen und Glaube: Figurationen des Synergos in der slavischen Moderne. München: Fink, 2021

2 responses to “Tatjana Petzer”

  1. […] conference panel introduced key terms and concepts for ecological thinking in the Russian context. Tatjana Petzer presented different notions of zone in geography, sociology, climatology, urbanistics, culture and […]


  2. […] Tatjana Petzer’s talk on Vladimir Vernadsky’s concept of autotrophy and its fictional representations had to be cancelled and will hopefully part of a future meeting. The discussion revolved around questions about specific literary forms of ecological knowledge (drama, production novel, diary) and their relationship with the “outside of the text” – be it symbolic, realistic, or factographic. […]


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