Jonathan Oldfield

Jonathan Oldfield


Professor in Russian Environmental Studies/ Head of the Department for Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham


Jonathan Oldfield was a lecturer in economic geography and general geography in Nottingham, London, Birmingham and senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham, before focusing on Russian Environmental Studies as the Head of Education at the University of Birmingham. He is working on interdisciplinary topics related to Soviet climate science and its intellectual legacies and Soviet contributions to climate change science.

Research Focus:

  • Russian understandings of physical natural systems: 
    • Soviet climate science and its intellectual legacies
    • the science of geoengineering in the Soviet /Russian contexts
    • Russian engagements with the Anthropocene as an empirical and conceptual entity

Motivation as a part of the network:

Publications linked to the network:

  • The development of Russian environmental thought: scientific and geographical perspectives on the natural environment. New York/London: Routledge, 2015 [together with Denis Shaw].
  • “Imagining climates past, present and future: Soviet contributions to the science of anthropogenic climate change, 1953-1991.” Journal of Historical Geography, vol. 60 (2018): 41-51.

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